Jeff Greenfield

Entrepreneur, Marketer & Technologist
Co-Founder @ C3 Metrics
Advisor @ Overnight Dealer
Magic Castle performing member

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Attribution Training with Leslie Laredo


Digital marketing trainer Leslies Laredo knows:  The biggest challenge to multi-touch attribution is the refusal to challenge assumptions.   Knowing how to challenge ROI numbers only comes from training.  And after training over a hundred thousand marketing professionals over the last two decades, Leslie knows you have to consistently train to stay ahead and win in today's marketing world.  Hear...

Accurate Attribution with Rauxa’s VP of Data Science Izzet Agoren


Izzet Agoren knows:  Accurate attribution models cannot be built by data scientists alone…you need a team who understands how media operates in the real world.  An electrical engineer who launched his own ISP in 2002 in Cypress,  Izzet search for the signal in the noise led him to AdTech.  As the VP of Data Science for Rauxa, hear how he’s overcome the barriers to better measurement.

Attribution’s $400 Million Dollar Marketer


When Anthony Pitts — the 400 million dollar marketer — joined DraftKings in 2012, no one expected such a massive growth curve: from 651 paying customers to over 2 million in four years! Follow his story to hear what it takes to build a customized attribution framework and why committing to a process is more important than the outcome.

Attribution Apocalypse with Alice Sylvester


When Alice Sylvester exited the agency side of advertising, she witnessed both the emergence of market research and the explosion of digital advertising. Now as marketers embrace multi-touch attribution for media, will we see a day where brand and media metrics meet in the middle? Hear her thoughts on privacy changes leading to an attribution apocalypse – and what’s next.

Attribution’s Missing Math with Jim Spaeth


When Jim Spaeth co-founded Sequent Partners, he had no idea how much the business of measurement would change. After serving as President of the ARF and decade developing new research tools he could not dream of doing anything else. Hear how (and why) he’s embracing industry change.

Attribution Is A Team Sport with Ted Moon


When Ted Moon founded Pathfinder Interactive, he brought with him brand building at a scale only a few have experienced. Starting with a $100,000 ad budget, Ted built Sprint/Nextel into one of the largest marketing programs in the world. Hear about private concerts with Dave Matthews to fireside chats with Bill Gates and why attribution is a necessity in today’s media environment.

Latest Podcast Episode

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